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The reborn DuPont company is focused on making positive change to the planet — not fifteen years in the future, but today. Our challenge, to DuPont and the world? To invent a better now.

We’re all living in our unique now - so this dynamically-driven film, which ran on the New York Times, combined data from the viewer’s location, time of day, live news headlines, and video feeds from cameras at DuPont facilities to make 22,464,000 different permutations.
Invent a Better Now :60
Director: John Hillcoat, Serial
DP: Adam Arkapaw
Editor: Shane Reid, Exile
Music: Atticus Ross
Colour: Mark Gethin, MPC

We launched the campaign at TED2019 in Vancouver with the Now Machine, an immersive pod, inviting thought leaders to take a seat on a journey from the oceans to the stars, to see all the places where DuPont makes life as we know it possible. You can experience an interactive version of the Now Machine below.

Of course, a major global relaunch of a company with 54,000 employees needs a lot of supporting materials, from printed countdown calendars to be installed in airgapped facilities, to a screensaver to keep employees informed of the coming improvements — all in multiple languages.