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Daily Burn: Rebrand
Daily Burn approached us in 2015 for help refining their positioning and identity as they transition into a full-fledged brand with mass appeal. We focused their strategy and began a ground-up redesign that would change the way the company and its customers interact.

Our aim was to create an optimistic sensibility that was accessible to all; to make fitness fun and unintimidating. Not hard bodies, but healthier living. The flame form, in its simple gradated orange, suggests self-improvement and momentum; "A Better Fit" was the selected tagline, implying a program that works with your lifestyle: progress, not perfection.

"Fitness marketing is saturated with images of models clad in sports bras, muscle tees and skintight Lycra... abs and biceps rippling, glistening with spray-sweat as they power their way through whatever the latest "extreme" fitness fad happens to be. Quantified this. Butter-infused-coffee that. Gnomic immediately understood that wasn't where we wanted to be."
Jared Cocken, Head of Product, Daily Burn.

As part of the rollout of the new system, we created style guides and a printed brand book to help orient employees with the new direction. Our work informed every aspect of brand integration, from casting and photography for advertising campaigns, to set design and lighting direction for the Daily Burn show itself. The system would eventually integrate brand communications and direct sales tools.

We created a modular package of show graphics and audio mnemonics for the broadcast content, beginning with the company's new livestreamed studio show, Daily Burn 365, combining live action elements and digitally-animated typography.